Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Bold Red Lip

Doing a make up review of Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipsticks in Love That Red and Certainly Red. Oh by the way, Revlon is on a Holiday Sale and lipsticks cost Php350 each (Php450 regular price)!

I like a "Bold Red Lip". It's one of the make up looks I use, along with "Naked", "Nude" or a "Smokey" theme. Anything more than that just doesn't fit my lifestyle. Some people find red lips sexy and powerful but for me, it's elegant and a classic, especially paired with a white crisp shirt.

I find Revlon and M.A.C. to make the best bold red lipsticks. M.A.C. has too many shades of red which can get confusing but I find Revlon's to be simpler, that's why I prefer the latter. It's tricky to find the perfect shade of red but it's only through trial & error that you will be able to find the right one which will brighten your complexion and make your teeth look whiter. I find these two shades of Revlon to be the best red lipsticks I've ever tried.

Certainly Red #740 (left) & Love That Red #725 (right)
 Issues with packaging - I find the tube cap loose. I may need to use a lipstick case to prevent any unwanted smearing in my bag in case the cap pops out. Otherwise, everything is fine.

Love That Red (top) & Certainly Red (bottom) under sunlight.

Love That Red (top) - a true red color with just a hint of pink. best for day and summer.

Certainly Red (top) - another true red color, deeper compared to Love That Red. Best for night and during the colder season.

Here are some photos I got from the web, for inspiration, featuring the two lipstick shades...

girl in Revlon's Love That Red (

girl in Revlon's Certainly Red (